McDVoice – Take McDonald’s Survey and Get Free Gift Card

Mcdvoice – To maintain the quality of food and services McDonald’s takes the survey. The customer who enters this survey gets a voucher coupon that can be redeemed on their next visit.

McDVoice – McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

McDonald’s is available in almost every corner of the earth. Every country had different rules about the opening and closing timings. No matter the opening and closing time or may 24-hour open outlet the company needs honest feedback to improve the food quality and service.

McDVoice - Take McDonald's Survey and Get Free Gift Card

McDonald’s always strives to ensure customer satisfaction and keep the standards at a high level. The company is trying to get real opinions and requirements of the customers. That’s why they provide rewards after completing a successful survey.

How to Participate in the McDVoice Survey?

McDonald’s is one of the largest food chain restaurants in the world so the company is doing a lot for its customers.

There are no controversial rules to enter into this survey it is quite basic. But the company made some basic rules to avoid fraudulent feedback from its competitors.

McDonald Survey Instructions

McDvoice is pretty cautious about the feedback they receive from its customers in case they find anything wrong with the survey. They immediately take steps against it, recently they fired a few employees in LA. These employees were fired due to rude behavior towards the customers.

To avoid the small things that may lower their brand, that’s why McDonald has opened a survey for the people.

The instructions are helpful for the users to record honest feedback and suggestions on the website.

  • Only an 18-years old person can enter into this survey.
  • The applicant must have a survey code that can be used to enter into the survey.
  • A single entry is allowed per valid receipt with a survey code.
  • Any person surveying with the same code can be disqualified for the survey.
  • The receipt must be used within 30-days of the visit.

Steps to Enter the McDonald Survey?

You need to follow the simple method to enter into the McDonald’s survey. Follow the below-mentioned steps to enter into Mcdvoice.

  • Open the web browser on your device and search and press enter key.
  • As the survey website opens you need to enter the 26-digit survey code found on the receipt.
  • Click the start button to enter into the survey process.
  • The first question will be the order type usually Dive in but it may vary so mention it.
  • Now the question is about the overall satisfaction and your experience with the
  • Go for the option which you want to choose and click the Next button.
    The next page is about the taste, quality, and temperature of the food.
  • The speed of service is also here. You need to review all and select by pressing a radio button.
  • Proceed ahead you will be asked about the speed and accuracy of your order. Rate it and then click the Next button.
  • Here is the important part of the survey, it is important which item you faced the
    issue with.
  • Select the option and click the Next button to proceed.
  • Now the question comes why you were not satisfied with the accuracy of your order.
  • Go for the valid option that you think was not up to the mark.
  • If you don’t find the option you want to choose you can select the “Other” option and write a few words.
  • You will be asked about any problem during the visit select “Yes” if you faced it.
  • You need to tell the problem you faced select the right option and go ahead.
  • Start with food and service suggests your friends and relatives come here.
  • You can mention writing the problem in detail the word limit is 1200 so you can
    describe the issues well.
  • Make sure to reply to the entire question honestly and tick the appropriate
    parameter only.
  • After the completion of the survey, you will see Thank you for completing this survey on the screen.
  • You will receive Buy One Get One free coupon code. Carefully note the coupon code and use the same next time you visit the outlet.
  • After it, you will be asked to enter into the sweepstakes survey. If you want to win
    the $100 gift cards, go for it.
  • In case you don’t want to go for it you are not bound at all.

About McDonald’s

McDonald’s is America’s fast-food chain largest in the world, famous for hamburgers. The first restaurant was started in 1948 by Maurice and Richard McDonald in San Bernardino California.

Kroc visited brothers in 1954 he saw how a small shop could sell many milkshakes. He discovered the efficient format allows the brothers to produce a huge quantity of food at a low price.

The basic hamburger cost 15 cents which is half the price charged by competitors. The self-service concept counter eliminated the need for waiters. The customer also gets the food quickly as hamburgers were cooked ahead of time, wrapped, and warmed under a heat lamp.

Facts About McDonald’s Restaurant

  • McDonald originally sold hot dogs, not hamburgers.
  • Every 14.5 hours a new McDonald’s restaurant opens.
  • McDonald’s feeds 68 million people daily.
  • It is the world’s largest supplier of toys.
  • The daily earnings of McDonald’s are US$75 million every day.
  • It has more than 36,000 restaurants in the world.
  • In a single second McDonald’s sells 75 burgers and 9 million fries per day globally.
  • The largest McDonald’s restaurant is located in Beijing which is over 28000 square feet.
  • Bill Gates has a McDonald’s Gold Card to buy unlimited fast food.


McDonald’s is cautious to deliver quality when it comes to serving food to its customers. They are catering to the best possible service worldwide by launching their franchise around the world.

The survey helps to eliminate all the negative roadblocks that come between them and their customers. If you are an unhappy customer then share your honest feedback with details. It is helpful for the staff to rectify the errors and avoid such mistakes in the future.

By sharing your feedback you can enjoy the BOGO coupon for happy meals.

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