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Why Does Canadian Tire Gas Conduct a Survey?

The Canadian Tire Gas Satisfaction Survey may be completed online at The Canadian Tire Gas Consumer Survey is a structured online questionnaire. - $500 Gift Card - Canadian Tire Gas Survey – Canadian Tire Gas Survey

Created by Canadian Tire to help the corporation assess customer satisfaction with their services and goods. You may complete this survey at your leisure whenever you get the chance.

Participating in the questionnaire provides you with an opportunity to express yourself. You would be able to tell the company exactly what you liked and disliked about your visit, something they actually want to hear.

They must grasp what works and what does not in order to improve, change, and protect what is constant. You will also get a sweepstakes registration form, and you will be eligible to win one of two $500 Canadian Tire gift cards.

Advantages and Rewards

Every Canadian Tire Gas customer who completes the TellCDNTiregas online form will get a single entry. Entering the Canadian Tire Gas Sweepstakes gives you the chance to win a $500 gift card.

Canadian Tire Gas Rules or Terms and Conditions

  • To compete, participants must be legal residents of one of the fifty United States, plus Korea.
  • Participants must be at least eighteen years old (18).
  • Customers of Canadian Tire Gas may complete up to two surveys per receipt every month.
  • Participants have never worked at a Canadian Tire or another firm.
  • Recent workers, partner businesses, and immediate family members of people who have just joined the company are not eligible to vote.
  • To participate in the survey, your purchase confirmation is valid for seven days.
  • Canadian Tire Gas maintains the right to terminate participation for any reason.

How Do I Complete the Survey?

#1. Visit for more information. Select either the English or French language choice from the drop-down box to begin the survey. On the application, there will be four sources of proof to fill out. - $500 Gift Card - Canadian Tire Gas Survey

#2. The date and time, the total amount spent, and the receipt’s station id are all given. Consider the following example to help you recognize this information. When you’re finished, hit the enter key.


#3. Fill in the spaces with information about your most recent visit. Some questions would be multiple-choice with just one potential response, while others would be questionnaires. - $500 Gift Card - Canadian Tire Gas Survey

#4. The quiz allows you to pick more than one potential answer. Another kind of response will be a text box into which you may type your response. Please read the instructions before proceeding to the next page.

#5. Following the survey, you will have the chance to enter the contest. Enter your information as directed on the screen. If you are the lucky winner of the Instant Win prize, you will be informed right away.

Concerning Canadian Tire Gas

Canadian Tire Gas+ Bar has been a part of the Canadian Tire Corporation, a large retailer with a lengthy history, since 1922.

This section of the company distinguishes itself by offering a variety of products in its stores that help keep customers happy while traveling, in addition to selling fuel and vehicle accessories.

This shop sells windscreen wipers, motor oil, fuel additives, washer fluid, and convenience items including chocolate bars, chips, and gum, as well as sports drinks and cold beverages.

Several locations also provide propane refills and specific car wash services that boost shine while preserving the vehicle’s surface from external elements. - $500 Gift Card - Canadian Tire Gas Survey


As a consequence, I hope you’ll be able to get all of the specific information you need for a customer survey. Please contact us if you have any queries about the TellCdnTire research, or if you have any inquiries about additional consumer surveys or a login guide. Survey FAQs

  • Question:- How does one go about receiving a Canadian Tire survey?

Answer – If you just visited a Candian Tire location, keep your receipt and go to to fill out the online questionnaire and be eligible to win a $1000 Candian Tire gift card.

  • Question:- How often do you get the opportunity to participate in the Canadian Tire survey?

Answer – Each week, individuals may submit a maximum of one submission, with one $1000 Canadian Tire Reward Card winner chosen each month.

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